Marketing Technology Implementation

We architect and implement marketing technologies ​


Audit & Troubleshooting existing stack

Whether you want to troubleshoot your existing stack or starting a new startup, we can provide audit and design things.

New Implementation

Don't have MarTech specialist or not a tech company? Even developers are facing challenges in implementing.

Integration between tools

Have lot of legacy tools or complex business logics? We have worked with many startups to simplify this and provide clean stack to run your marketing.


Design and Implement what matters

Whether you want to troubleshoot your existing stack or starting a new startup, we can help you implementing the fundamental stack (Google Webmaster, GTM, advanced GA,FB pixels, Linkedin pixels,etc)

From procurement of the tool > design messaging plan > working with your designers/copywriters > launch and testing the tool.

Automating all your marketing and analytical tools data into Warehouses like bigquery, Redshift, Snowflake, Qlik, etc

Is your team spending lot of time crunching data or you never had realtime data to monitor the performance? We can help you to automate data to Excel, Google Sheet or Datastudio

Based on the user behaviour and best practices, we will design loyalty plan.Procure the right tool for your existing product and setup the loyalty & Referral system.

Instead of just looking at the spending and revenue in a short span, advanced way. like cohort charts used to provide a better picture in the long term how everything is performing. We can help you to implement the right mobile analytics tool to monitor the performance

We use them to derive the numbers and also run Reactivation campaigns. Example metrics we use to plan: 

  • LTV for 12 Months 
  • Conversion rate for 12 Months (from users to customers)
  • Net profit for 12 Months
  • Avg. time to purchase (Time registered, time purchased)


We are official partners

Klaviyo - Email & SMS Automation

If you are running a e-commerce shop, you would need advanced email automation tool. More than 100K users moved away from Mailchimp to Klaviyo. We are the Klaviyo masters to help setup advanced than basic things in shopify.


We are official partners
MoEngage Logo


Unicorns and emerging startups use moengage to setup their mobile marketing automation (email, SMS, Push). We can help your startups to setup this from scratch.


We are official partners


Used by more than 400K Marketers. We are the first official channel partner in South East Asia. We help companies building their marketing data warehouse and thus helping your dashboards, Machine learning initiatives.


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