We work with E-Commerce, Mobile, SaaS and B2B business.​


Performance Marketing

We do marketing to impact every part of the user journey

Marketing Technology​

We architect and implement marketing technologies

Mini Product Development

We do product development that become a growth driver


Advanced AAARRR framework


Anything that improves the funnel

Social channels impact most of the lifestyle decisions especially GenZ and Millennials spent significant time in online. Going where the user is the right strategy

  • Granular level of audience segmentation to find the right audience
  • Use cohort Analysis to predict the breakeven 
  • Dynamic ad personalisation based on people behaviour
  • Advanced bid strategy based on the scale of the campaign
  • Do persona analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Channel distribution
  • Competitor analysis

  • Content pillars

  • Content Production plan

  • Amplification model

  • Workflow for the team, etc

We automate most of the communication via email, push notifications, SMS,etc. Personalized and dynamic through Saas automation tools. 

Delivery includes automation frameworks, creative production, content writing, setup the emails in Marketing automation tool, dynamic coupon creation, etc.

Based on the user behaviour and best practices, we will design loyalty plan. And launch to the existing users in a beta phase and see the impact.  

Delivery will have a backend system and also automated emails.We will use saas tools for implementation starting with free plan and moving on to paid if the test works. 

Build mini tools that help users to get free value thus generating traffic


Creditkarma credit score generates 5Million traffic, Unsplash becoming popular from Design studio.

Ondemand food: Find your power behind the food. Vegan Searcher, Food scale, etc.

Instead of just looking at the spending and revenue in a short span, cohort charts used to provide a better picture in the long term how everything is performing.

We use them to derive the numbers and also run Reactivation campaigns. Example metrics we use to plan: 

  • LTV for 12 Months 
  • Conversion rate for 12 Months (from users to customers)
  • Net profit for 12 Months
  • Avg. time to purchase (Time registered, time purchased)

Data is first! Setup tracking and measurement framework based on user flow.


  • Setup tracking systems using Google tag manager, collect the data and supply to Google Analytics, ads account, other analytics, etc.
  • 360 integration of GTM, Optimise, GA, webmaster tools, Facebook account & Pixels) 

Design the KPI framework & build Dashboard

  • All the tracking we have collected will be shown in dashboard for the team
  • Performance of marketing campaigns
  • User behavioural data
  • User attributes 
  • And other data points based on client requirements


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