Preparing a digital marketing strategies for a healthcare & Health Tech startups is not going to be straightforward. 

Health Industry is one of the niche market which needs more domain knowledge than just the tech innovation. Even writing content for health and Medical companies website need medication certificate and other things. So is not that easy. 

In this niche, offering a digital service means so much of work need to be done before going live. I believe this startups below would have gone through all this stages and have grown to this stage. 

This is the list of startups I have taken as an example in Singapore, Malaysia, India and US. We are going to cover what we like from, inspired to experiment those ideas in future. 

HealthCare/HealthTech Startups in Malaysia and Singapore

  • Speedoc
  • HiDoc
  • ManaDr
  • Whitecoat

Digital Marketing Strategies for Healthcare

Let’s use Whitecoat as Example: 

  • Whitecoat is a on-demand “Health” platform which connects the qualified doctors with patients virtually helping to consult their medical/health issues. We believe the product has reached the market fit as it has dozens of app users who have reviewed and shown positive results.
  • Being in a health related category where trust(T), authenticity(A) and personal care(P) play main role in every  decision making process, we cannot just depend on tech innovation but more broader approach with the content, personalisation and finally the tech tools to fit thisTAP.
  • Also being a consumer (B2C) based business most of the growth marketing initiatives we have applied for e-commerce companies are applicable to companies like WhiteCoat and doctor world
  • Particularly mobile app focused initiatives from organic to Paid channels because they have apps to serve customers.

List of initiatives We could do

  1. We(iStrata Digital) starts our first step by doing an intelligence of the market landscape, identify the persona of the end users and current approaches used by those persona. Then see the gap to provide our offering. 
  2. Based on our current research, there is a search volume of 71K on health related topics in Singapore (Using the above list I shared). And using global players(Heal, Lybrate) as inspiration, we see 110K search volume
  3. This demand means we have more opportunity that can be supplied with your content marketing or tools thus leading to user acquisition. 
  4. Facebook&Instagram: As standard, we believe and recommend to run ads on Social Network targeting the situations based ads. Example as follows 
    1. People who recently got married or getting first anniversary will be having sexual concerns and issues to be considered.  Facebook gives targeting options such as “Just got Married” and “Getting first anniversary”
    2. People who are travelling frequently will have some health issues. And those people will be having busy times. Using this as hypothesis, HealhTech companies can run ads with message like “Get consultation anywhere about your travel related health issues from anywhere”. Facebook gives targeting options such as People who are frequently travelling , currently travelling, etc. 
  5. Quora Ads: Quora is one of the prominent forum where people discuss about health related issues. By targeting those questions, HealthTech companies can run ads with ad text like “Get your personalised consultation virtually from the doctors. Personalised. Anytime. Anywhere”
  1. Mobile app marketing: where we can app search optimisation, Apple search ads (demand keyword + Competitors) 
    1. As this business have mobile apps. Using search advertising via Apple and Google Ads, Companies can target competitor related keywords. Even though this is well known tactic but this campaign perform better than a broader mobile app campaigns.
  2. Product UI/UX itself. 
    1. We have seen companies who have best customer service, Quality in service and loyal customers but they are not able to scale the business digitally. One of the big problem is perception of the brand when a user reach their website or trying to understand the product. They loose out the users by trying to be too fancy instead of being showing clearly on the what the users can do with their product. 
      1. And Doctorworld has best experience design 
    2. Feeling when people look or experiencing product. Psychologically people tend to accept or reject certain products based on the outer looking and the way the product can be used. Based on the persona of the users, design need to be made. 
  3. Having right Marketing technology tools
    1. App attribution tool to tell where the installs coming from 
    2. App Analytics (Event based system) to understand the behaviour of the users, funnel , conversion rate, churn rate, etc
    3. Reporting Framework that suitable for this HealthTech companies instead of generic one
    4. Reporting Dashboards that help to be on top of what’s happening everyday from different channels and also inside the product
    5. Coaching the team on reporting and monitoring the performance of using the above tools. The team proficiency of this tools is important to make more out of this tools. 

We will keep adding more ideas based on our learnings and experience. Do comment if you have any more ideas.

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